Noor Al Hashmi offers premium quality garage doors and sliding doors in Dubai. Doors make all difference to the security of your premises. We are a reputed automatic garage doors company focussing on high-tech innovative security solutions. Our excellence in providing and maintaining automatic doors and shutters is unmatched in the industry.

Our product portfolio ranges from automatic doors to rolling shutters; sliding glass doors to revolving doors, and parking barriers. We are a supreme industry leading with high experience in designing, supplying, and maintaining the modern doors and gates. Our advanced quality products feature wireless operation and remote control access.

Our security shutters and doors are quickly integrated into walls at the new or existing structures. The products serve to comfort, safety, security, and privacy to our clients. Products are custom designed to provide ease of operation to the clients. Users can operate the shutters with switches, automated controls, timers, remote access controls or in a manual way.

We design the operation as per our clients‛ needs. The highly advanced technology used in designing the doors and shutters is energy saving. They are highly durable and give the utmost resistance to weather factors including heat, moisture, and wind. All our product installations are tailored to fit the special needs of your garage or commercial complexes. We also offer sophisticated glass doors and revolving doors for shopping malls, and commercial units.

Getting in touch with Noor Al Hashmi door and shutter suppliers is your gateway to ultimate security. Whether it is a residential or an industrial complex, security is the first priority. Our strong doors save you premises from unauthorized break-ins. The ease of operation gives you great comfort unlike traditional shutters.

We supply the most reliable doors and shutters for garages, hospitals, shopping centres, and factories. The doors provide excellent protection from heat and adverse weather conditions. They are designed to meet the high level of fire protection. While they are strong enough to stop intruders, they are simple to operate in routine and emergencies.

We not only ensure security, but also decorate your exteriors with rich glass doors. As per your choice, we offer aesthetic doors and gates. Being experienced installers, we supply all types of doors and gates for your front entrance as well interiors. While we focus on security, we also have a deep knowledge of traffic management. Our modern doors for shopping malls and public places are designed to control and manage heavy and continuous traffic. With revolving doors, we allow you to control situations like jams.

Noor Al Hashmi is an automated entrance system supported by advanced technologies like remote control and timers. With our experience and insights, we are serving industrial units, architectures, buildings, and public authorities. High level of traffic management, security, and alarm systems go hand in hand with our strong doors and shutters.

Understanding the importance of safety and security, we are continuously evolving our products. With the advent of newest procedures, we incorporate them into the enhancement of smart entrances. For more details call us and learn how you can make the entrances of your units smarter and safer.

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