Automatic Gate Motor

Automatic gate motors are the backbone of any gate. Motor enables opening and closing of the gate without manual efforts. Noor Al Hashmi is a specialist in security equipment including doors, gates, and motors. We supply top quality motors for excellent performance for a long time. Our expertise in installing gate motors renders great performance to the gates.

Gate motors let users operate the gate without physical efforts. No need to get out of the car and make hassles. Automation adds great convenience to the users and strengthens the security of the premises. A single command can open and close the gate in a second.

Automated Door Motors

The motor is one of the most crucial components of the automatic gates and doors. It adds automation to the gates and doors. Call us for your requirement of any type of gate motor.

• Roll-up garage door motor
• Sliding gate motor
• Drum operating garage door motor
• Sectional door motor
• Swinging gate motor

Besides quick supply, we also offer immediate repair and replacement services. Affordable pricing makes it simple to maintain your security systems.

Why Gate Motor is Important

Gate motors give the excellent control the gate operators. In commercial complexes and factories, operators can limit the vehicles coming in. The automatic gates work on basis of electric motors. Wing motors work on the basis of RPM or revolutions per minute. They also work on ring gear basis. Noor Al Hashmi supplies top brand gate motors in Dubai. We have motors of all capacities and models.

You would never want to compromise on safety and smooth functioning of the gates. It is always good to employ reliable top quality motor. It is one of the most important spare parts to ensure the longevity of the gates. Our motors are loaded with great battery backup.

Electric Gate Motors

Electric gate motors give operation of sliding as well swinging gates. The motors are placed strategically near or below the gates. We provide motors for wooden as well steel gates. It is a simple circuit ensuring a smooth noiseless movement of the gate.

Automatic gate motor is equipped with a receiver box. As the user gives a signal through the remote, the receiver box receives signal. As soon as the signal is received, the circuit inside the motor is activated and allows the gate to slide back or swing back. In the absence of electricity or any fault, the gate can be operated manually.

Noor Al Hashmi is a leading supplier of automatic gates, gate motors, and other components of the doors. Our team is an expert in the safe installation of the complete unit and all the spare parts. Any troubleshooting is fixed within a few minutes by our engineers and technicians.

A well-balanced and maintained motor increases shelf life and performance of the doors. Hence, we give high priority to any maintenance and repair of motors. Automation in the security systems has made life simple for industries as well residential complexes. We focus on quality and integrity to give safe entrances to our clients. Our garage door motors are compatible with any type of remote.

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