Automatic Parking Barrier

Noor Al Hashmi offers a wide range of automatic parking barriers in Dubai. Parking barriers are used by industrial complexes, commercial complexes, and public utilities. Our automated arm barriers help in efficient traffic management. The range of security barriers we offer is controlling vehicle transits in private and well public parking areas.

Controlling traffic of two-wheelers and four-wheelers in the parking zone is a challenging task. Arm gates or barriers help in organized parking at the car parks, flat entrances, and public parking zones. Even when the traffic is huge, automatic parking barriers makes it simple and fast.

Automated Gate Barriers

The automated parking barriers supplied by us can be easily integrated with remote control access. These barriers use various technologies to restrict and control traffic. Some of the best technologies we integrate with the gate barriers are here

• Remote push button operation
• Smart card insertion
• Biometric
• Long range RFID technology

As per the requirement of our client, we supply the right barrier and configure particular technology for accessing the gates.

Parking Gate Barriers

Noor Al Hashmi‛s traffic barriers are ideal for larger as well small and medium-sized industrial premises. The barriers feature easy operation through remote control technology. The barrier skilfully controls and limits access of vehicles to the parking areas and special zones.

We supply all different types of arm gates in Dubai-

• Swing barriers
• Sliding parking barriers
• Vertical arm lift gates
• Bi-folding gates
• Cantilever barrier gates

Our automatic rising or sliding barriers reduce the need for manual labour. The gate automatically rises and pulls down with the help of integrated sensors. Gates can also be timed for the interval of few seconds as desired.

Car Park Barriers

Car park barriers are an ideal solution to manage the heavy flow of traffic. Our high quality of parking barriers suits all types of premises. From small apartment parking to large public car parks, they are best to control traffic flow. For places where a high level of security is crucial, we have a swing or sliding automatic parking barriers. The products are reliable and safe for people and properties.

Our quality product and precise installation let the users operate it with full confidence about safety. We are also supplying our barriers to large shopping complexes for best traffic management.

If you are looking for an ideal and dependable solution to manage vehicle access, get in touch with Noor Al Hashmi team. Our parking solutions will solve traffic control issues at cost-efficient prices.

Why Parking Barriers are Important

Security in your exteriors is important and hence our parking gates come with some essential features. Integrated payment mechanism, receipt printing, card reading technology make the gates safer. No outsider vehicle can enter without proper authorization.

Automatic parking barriers are generally installed in parking premises of residential and commercial buildings. They ensure authenticated access and let the user keep track of the vehicles or visitors. We provide effective barriers for exit gates as well front gates. We stand high on the expectations of our clients by offering variants of parking barriers. Stop gate barriers, pass gate barriers etc. are supplied and installed with the tailor-made operation procedures. We also provide quick maintenance and post-installation support.

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