Garage Doors Dubai

Noor Al Hashmi is a prominent supplier of innovative and advanced garage doors in Dubai. The range of products contains overhead doors, sectional doors, rolling shutters, and barriers. Security and safety against burglary and other elements like fire are main concerns. We supply top quality doors designed to give safety against outdoor and indoor threats.

You do not compromise on the safety of your properties. Hence, we supply premium quality products manufactured by top brands of the world. The products showcase excellent durability and strength. This gives protection against unknown intrusion and fire. The low maintenance doors keep you stress-free without huge expense.

Automatic Doors and Shutters

The extensive product portfolio of Noor Al Hashmi covers automated doors, gates, shutters, and barriers. If you are looking for strong entrance doors for your garage, we are the right solution. With quick supply, installation, and repair service, we are a single stop solution. Call us or visit us to get all types of garage doors for your residence or industrial premises.

1. Swing out doors
2. Sliding garage doors
3. Rolling shutters for garage or industrial units
4. Sectional roll-up doors

Sectional roll-up doors are quite popular among the users of residential garages. As per your choice of architecture and operation, we will suggest the right type for you.

Key Features of Automated Garage Doors

Automation has entered into every array of modern life. Whether it is a residential lifestyle or industrial mechanism, automation has taken a big leap. The smart technology and modern engineering have also made garage doors smarter than before. With high-end access system and door entry systems, doors are safer to access and operate.

The key modern features of our automated garage doors Dubai will self-explain their importance.

1. Restricted access
2. Smart door openers
3. Remote access
4. Excellent protection against fire and smoke
5. Highly resistant against moisture and dust
6. Requires least maintenance
7. easy to re-program the passwords for restricted opening
8. strong locks for protection against theft and burglaries

With the advent of smart technology, the doors also feature access using various devices like smartphone, keypad, and smartcard.

Whether you own a small residential garage or a sprawling commercial parking area, we have solutions for every need.

Traditionally, the garage doors were large and hence occupied much space. The advanced doors are available in various types like collapsing, singling, and rolling doors. With jointed panels and tracks, they roll up either on the sides or the ceilings. This gives you enough space as a well simple operation. We have garage doors for the small garage as well big industrial garages with lots of parking area. The operating mechanisms are simple and require minimum efforts on the part of the users.

The smart garage doors also let the users open the doors without leaving their cars. The unauthorized access can be simply avoided by strong entry systems. This helps you in keeping your vehicles safe. Live a stress-free life even while you are away from your property. Call us to know more about the types of garage doors and shutters. As you get in touch with us, you will explore more styles and designs.