Garage Door Maintenance Dubai

Regular maintenance is essential to keep the machines fit and fine for a long time. Same goes for the garage doors as well. Compromising on timely repair and maintenance may lead to sudden breakdowns. Noor Al Hashmi is assisting offices, malls, and residences in Dubai in maintaining their automatic garage doors and gates.

Effortless functioning of the doors is important for the user. Right maintenance at right time makes a lot of difference to the system. The unit will give excellent performance for a long time without major repairing works. Being an old leader in the supply and repair of garage doors, we know how to keep them proper care.

Affordable Maintenance – Doors and Gates

Doors and gates are essential to protect your premises and properties inside. Keeping them well-maintained is a way you can further re-assure your safety. Noor Al Hashmi Technical Works is a professional repairer and service company for doors, barriers, and gates. Having our own in-house team of technicians, we offer to service at friendly charges. Flexible options will let you get services right as per your requirement.

Garage Door Maintenance Dubai Services-

• Annual maintenance contracts
• One time service and repair
• Quarterly or half-yearly maintenance
• Immediate preventive repair and maintenance

Our technicians are quick in detecting any issue well before it harms the unit. Immediate attention is given to any faulty part and malfunctioning issue. With our reasonable charges, customers are able to keep the doors perfect without huge expenses.

Whether you own a small home garage or a big commercial area, our charges are designed to keep everything simple. The team resolves all the repair and replacement issues during the contract without heavy repair charges.

Why Choose Us

Noor Al Hashmi is engaged in the supply, installation, and servicing of automatic garage doors. We hold knowledge of all the parts and components of the doors belonging to different makes. Our team of skilled technicians are highly efficient in servicing the doors and all its components. What we do is far away from just superficial servicing and lubrication.

What We Do

• Diagnosis and inspection of the unit and parts
• Attention to sections, hinges, openers, rollers, alignment, and seals
• Tightening all the loose screws, hinges, and bolts
• Lubrication of the parts including tracks
• Improving troubled alignment
• Examining important parts
• Checking safety settings
• Testing pressure of the door openers

During the maintenance, any fault or shortcoming is detected and resolved immediately. You may also call us for emergency repair services at any time.

Likewise any other machinery, maintenance plays a crucial role in the case of garage doors too. However, it is important to hire a professional service provider. As you hire Noor Al Hashmi as your regular serviceman, your security solutions are in safe hands. Our skilled hands take proper care of the doors and keep their functioning seamless throughout.

Noor Al Hashmi technical team will attend the door upon a single call. As for the annual contracts, our team will visit the premises at regular interval of time. Call us for servicing, repair, and maintenance to get smooth performance from the doors. We are committed to keeping your security solutions up to the mark for guaranteed protection.

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