Garage Door Emergency Repair in Dubai

A damaged or disrupted garage door is a reason big enough to steal your peace of mind. A well- functioning garage door ensures the safety of your precious vehicles. Noor Al Hashmi is glad to be known as one of the best garage door repairers in Dubai. We not only provide repair services but also facilitate emergency repair works.

Our team of trained technicians visit any location in Dubai to fix the issues with the doors. Be it a broken spring or a disrupted remote control or any other issue; emergency repair is simple. Noor Al Hashmi responds to your call for repair 24x7. Our technical team visits your premises upon receiving a single call. The issues are solved immediately to keep the safety of your properties intact. The major replacements are also done satisfactorily.

24x7 Emergency Repair Services

A stuck-up garage door requires immediate attention for continuous security. Hence, we attend emergency calls for repairing of garage doors. Call us and get immediate repair services at your doorsteps.

We repair and fix all types of issues of the automatic garage doors. Get in touch with us for below and other services.

• Broken springs
• Stuck-up doors
• Issues with remote operation
• Lock repairing
• Cable issues and motor issues
• Replacement of the tracks and drums
• Issues with the door openers
• Re-programming of remote access systems
• Rollers replacement
• Replacement of the whole unit
• Alignment problems
• Upgradation and improvements

Apart from prompt services, we also ensure quality and efficiency in our services. The kind of repair work we deliver keeps your system functioning for a long time. All the parts replaced are of good quality and thereby enhances the shelf life of the system. Our garage door emergency repair in Dubai is available for any make and model. The team is highly skilled and owns experience in repairing garage doors of all the top brands of the world. Our repair and maintenance services are extremely reasonable and protect your doors from sudden breakdowns.

Automatic Door Repairing and Replacement

Noor Al Hashmi Technical Works is a team of skilled technicians and engineers. The engineers are well-versed with every aspect of the automatic doors and gates. We take responsibility to repair all types of automatic garage doors, sliding doors, automatic gates, and security barriers. The team will visit the premises with all required tools and equipment to give immediate repair work.

A highly satisfactory solution is delivered to every repair call we get. Regardless of the type of issue, we focus on prompt and efficient repair. We also provide preventive maintenance including lubrication to keep the doors and gates up to the mark.

Timely and quality repair work not only gives you peace of mind but also improves the life span of the system. Being a supplier and repairer of the automatic doors, we have our own inventory of essential tools. As for the major spare parts, we make sure we use pars of the high quality make. Our quick emergency garage door repair service is keeping industrial and residential garages safe and secure 24x7.

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