Finger Guards Re-Hinging Burglary Repairs Dubai

Noor Al Hashmi offers excellent door accessories and enhancements including finger guards. We also offer immediate burglary repairs and re-hinging of the doors. If you have faced an attempt of burglary, call us to check the security of the doors and an emergency door repair or replacement.

Finger guards prevent crushing and pinching of fingers at the door hinges. The device keeps your fingers safe during accidental closure of the door. This also ensures the safety of your children when they are not careful during the closure.

We are a reliable and most trusted burglary repair expert in Dubai. We provide 24x7 emergency repair and replacement of the doors and door locks. Call us immediately in the case of unauthorized break-ins and accidental breakage of the doors. Our team will reach the premises for quick reinforcing and re-hinging of the doors.

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