Fiberglass Garage Doors in Dubai

The fiberglass doors give elegant appearance very similar to natural wood. The major benefits with fiberglass are light weight, non-corrosiveness, and attractive look. Fiberglass doors are available in variety of colours and textures. You can simply select or order door which is exactly harmonizing with your outer or interior decors. Noor Al Hashmi is a leading supplier of innovative fiberglass garage doors in Dubai.

Fiberglass doors are adding great beauty and value to the modern garages. Yet another great benefit of this type is low maintenance. These doors neither rot nor corrode. They are highly resistant against moisture and heat. If you are planning to buy a new door for your garage, fiberglass is a great option.

Benefits of Fibreglass Doors

The modern fiberglass doors are great alternative to the expensive wooden or bulky Steel doors. They are plain fibre or composite doors with core of steel below a skin of fiberglass. They might also have insulated section for higher installation. Yet again the main benefit is the beauty it adds to the outer appearance of your garage. Here we have explained their benefits in details to help you choose right kind of door.

• New-age fiberglass steel composite doors bear no cracks in colder regions
• Great for coastal regions
• Fiberglass doors are less expensive compared to wooden doors
• Require very low maintenance
• Fiberglass doors look elegant unlike steel or aluminium
• You can get attractive look of wooden doors with low price
• No stress of rotting or corroding and termites
• Available in variety of colours and patterns
• Improves thermal efficiency of the area
• Long warranty and longer shelf life

Affordable Garage Doors

Noor Al Hashmi is a famous name in the realm of security solutions and its accessories. We are an established supplier, installer, repairer, and consultant for fibreglass garage doors. We provide top quality doors manufactured with premium materials exhibiting excellent strength and durability. Fiberglass doors are perfect option for coastal homes as they require low maintenance. Hence, if you are looking particular for low-maintenance product, this is the right one.

Apart from fibreglass garage doors, we are also supply doors made from other materials. With us, you have access to every solution related to repair, replacement, and installation of the doors. We are well-versed with the compstability and features of all types of doors. Our experts will guide you to select the most suitable door for your garage.

The garage doors made of fibreglass are quite light-weighted and the fibre panels do not need maintenance. They attract less dust particles and hence simple to look after. Unlike other types, these doors do not need lubrication. Due to light weight, the doors hardware and the panels have longer life. Get in touch with us for speedy installation and repair of fiberglass doors. We are also supplying garage door accessories including door openers, weather stripping accessories, motors, hinges, railings etc.

From product installation to maintenance and replacement; you are sure to get every service at budget-friendly prices. At the same time, our proficient services enable the system to deliver excellent performance for a longer time.

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