Automatic Garage Door Dubai

Noor Al Hashmi offers a wide array of automatic garage doors for industrial and residential structures. We are known for dependable door systems of all sizes in Dubai. The high-end automation and easy operation make the systems popular in Dubai and other regions. Versatile garage doors with roll-up shutters, sliding shutters, and loading docks are available with quick installation.

The automatic doors are manufactured with high-quality material and free insulated panels. With unmatched architecture and elegance, our door designs add safety and style to the entrances. The designs and colours are well suited to the contemporary decors. As per your needs, we customize the automation and operation for best convenience.

Residential Garage Doors

The garage doors are traditionally known to be Noor Al Hashmi is a leading supplier, installer, and repairer of high-quality automatic garage door Dubai. We supply overhead as well as sectional garage doors with simple operation and advanced automation. With advanced garage doors, you have optimum comfort while opening and locking the doors. At the same time, it is easy to enter and exit without struggling to handle the locks of the doors.

With automated, folding, and collapsing doors, the doors leave lots of space inside the garage. The doors also do not occupy outside the garage. With less space in your hand, it is simple to install the doors at affordable rates. Our modern doors either move parallel to the sides or the ceiling. We understand the garage layout, architecture, and supply the right suitable doors.

Commercial Garage Doors

Noor Al Hashmi is offering consistent quality in every supply and installation. We are supplying automatic garage doors to various industries in Dubai. With high-end features, businesses are able to maintain high efficiency and safety for their garages.

• Anti-corrosive durable material
• Resistant against odd weather conditions
• Require the least maintenance
• Designs to match the modern decors
• Automatic opening and closing
• Remote opening
• Customisable remote operation
• Affordable pricing
• Quick to open and close

You or your employees do not need to struggle to open or close the doors. The doors are operated using the keypad or smart card or GSM. Adding automation to the doors is a great way to save efforts and time. At the same time, the automation gives a high level of security.

Highly Automated Garage Doors and Gates

The password based or smartcard-based unlocking helps in restricting entry only to authorized people. Noor Al Hashmi is a preferred supplier of garage doors for factories, warehouses, large bungalows, logistic parks, IT parks, and institutions in Dubai.

Being a reputed garage door expert, we quickly understand which door suits your needs. We know the level of automation and safety you need for your garage. The remote openers take care of your comfort and allow you to operate from your cars.

If you are looking for superior quality and comfort with the garage doors, call Noor Al Hashmi. Our expert consultants will guide you to get the right doors for your garage. We give attention to every detail including security, locking unlocking systems, type of operation, and compatibility to the structure. With us, you are associated with best consultant for garage doors with high automation and safety.

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